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Orders and Shipping

please register first. or please directly select the outboard you like, enter the quantity and select the payment method. it’s fast and easy.

We ship to all countries. USA, CA, AU, UK. and wherever you are.

We accept all forms of major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. 

We will ship directly from our distributor representatives located in Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong we will notify you after shipping.

If you have problems regarding the product, please discuss with us first what is the cause and how damaged the product you are getting. You don’t need to worry if you get this. as long as the product warranty card applies we are responsible for resolving it. please contact us via email or livechat. We will provide some solutions later, that is : 1. Exchange the product for a new one, if the product is malfunctioning, damaged or defective. You are not charged any fees for this. 2. Provides a 100% money back guarantee. if you are not interested anymore. with the condition that the product must be sent to our office first. We have shipped more than 1000 units of products per year. and very rarely gets complaints like this. usually just a matter of damage to spare parts after a few years of use.

All outboard prices listed include sales tax and we offer free duty tax for overseas shipments.

Estimated delivery is approximately 8-14 working days. this applies to international shipping

The order will be processed within 1 x 24 hours after you place an order via the website. we will inform you, whether we accept your order or not.

If you need to swap an item

Returns and Exchanges

all outboard engines in the website are in new condition. complete with standard accessories and has a warranty card (valid for international) we do not sell used outboards.

Before we ship your order. we will fill in the warranty card according to the billing address information. the warranty card is valid according to the name above. just bring this warranty card to your nearest branch dealer office. you can also make repairs directly to us. explain to us what damage you received and send us the warranty card via email. we will process it within 1 x 24 hours. We will contact the shipping party to collect the damaged item at your address. and we will send back new spare parts. this applies if your warranty card is still valid. you don’t need to worry about this. we are responsible.

The advantage of shopping with us is always to give the customer a discount. enter the promotion code: SALE20 you will get a 20% discount. This only applies to purchases over USD 500. Please make sure your total order is more than that value for the coupon to be valid.

If you have other questions please ask us again. we will reply quickly. if you understand, please make an online purchase now. it’s easy and fast. After you place an order, we will inform you of the status of your order.

Free Worldwide shipping and duty tax

On all orders above $500

Easy 180 days returns

180 days money back guarantee

International Warranty

Offered in the country of usage

100% Secure Checkout

Discover / MasterCard / Visa

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